Annuale: SNL’s Funny, Fake Birth Control

February 26, 2008

Saturday Night Live (SNL) created a really funny, fake commercial for a birth control pill called Annuale. It’s supposed to give women just one period a year. SNL‘s skit pokes fun at commercials for Seasonale—a hormonal birth control method, which can reduce the number of periods you have to just four a year. And there’s actually a method called Lybrel that you can take and not have your period as long as you’re taking the pills.

Although many women enjoy having fewer periods, some think it’s not natural and prefer a monthly period. But current evidence suggests that regular menstruation isn’t connected to a woman’s health. But you have to wonder: What happens when a woman gets her period after going for three or more months without one? The lining of the uterus hasn’t been building up for months to give her the mother of all periods, so she gets her period just as she normally would.

Check out the SNL skit below. When these women’s periods finally come, watch out! In reality, there’s no backlog of hormones that will make you go berserk, if you’re on birth control that reduces the number of periods you have to once a year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this video!

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