Amazon Ad Kindles Conversation on Marriage Equality

By , 18, Staff Writer
March 20, 2013

You’ve probably seen one of Amazon’s Kindle ads. They all pretty much start off the same way. Someone is having trouble reading on a tablet due to the sun’s glare and sees another person reading on a Kindle with ease. The ad below begins no differently. A man is reading in a beach chair and is struggling to read on his tablet. He notices that the woman next to him is reading with ease on her Kindle. She then tells him how great it is, and he ends up going online and buying one from his tablet. He suggests that they celebrate his purchase. The woman responds, “My husband’s bringing me a drink right now,” to which the man replies, “So is mine.”

This Amazon ad acknowledges LGBTQ relationships and same-sex marriages and playfully reminds viewers that not everyone is heterosexual. Clearly, as with any commercial, this  was created to generate sales, but it had a second purpose: to voice the company’s opinions on marriage equality. Amazon’s founder, Jeffrey Bezos, and his wife are no strangers in the fight for marriage equality, as they donated $2.5 million last year to Washington State’s campaign for marriage equality.

Advertising has traditionally been very heteronormative—meaning it assumes that heterosexuality is the only “normal” sexual orientation—and very few mainstream ads mention anything about LGBTQ issues. It goes without saying that this Amazon ad is a step in the right direction. Watch the ad and let me know what you think in the comments!

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