Adele—Comfortable in Her Own Skin

By , 18, Staff Writer
March 20, 2012

Although the music industry is very visually driven, British singer Adele confessed in an interview with Anderson Cooper, “I don’t wanna be some skinny-mini with my tits out. I really don’t wanna do it!” Adele is entirely about the songs she writes and sings and not so much how thin or perfect she looks. She passionately sings from the heart and has a flawless voice that grabs everyone’s attention.

She is a wonderful role model for women of all ages to look up to. She clearly cares about how she looks, but doesn’t let her size dictate her happiness. Adele’s body peace is something many women can applaud and strive for as well. The fact that Adele is her own person and fully comfortable in her own skin, and has gotten so far in the music industry is extremely admirable.

She doesn’t just grace us with her amazing voice, but she also provides us with a positive body-image role model by refusing to conform to society’s standards of beauty in order to be successful. There have been few women like Adele who decided to push society’s standards to the side and create their own sense of identity and beauty. Perhaps we can all take some advice from Adele and not feel the need to look a certain way. We can just look like us.

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