A Closed World: A Web Game on LGBTQ Issues

By , 16, Staff Writer
January 25, 2012

GAMBIT Game Lab created a prototype of a video game called, A Closed World. The game was created in response to the lack of LGBTQ related material in the video game world.

In this game, the player is in control of a character who explores a forest that is known to have demons lurking in it. In order to overcome the difficulties of having a “prohibited relationship,” your character must battle the demons. The demons attack by forcing their beliefs on you, and you fight back by defying their views on love and the “ideal” relationship. Your only weapons are logic, passion, ethics and remaining calm. By using these weapons, you will be able to defeat the demons and rewrite the definition of a “normal relationship.”

After I read about this game, I was amazed I never thought that a video game would be created with an LGBTQ related theme. The video games that I grew up around always had characters with heterosexual relationships. I mean the closest I’ve ever gotten to seeing an LGBTQ theme in a video game was when I made my two female Sims characters get married. I never thought that someone would create an LGBTQ-friendly video game, but now something new is emerging.

I believe that A Closed World is going to be a trendsetter in the gaming community, and it is a significant step in making the very close-minded world we live in more open.

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