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Eat my ass. 

Coming Out as Genderqueer





Mad Max’s Furiosa in a Tampons commercial


This! This is how they should advertise period products!

This is how it’s done. Screw that blue liquid and twirling in white dresses in a shower of flowers. Just *punch a man in the face*, “buy tampons.” *punch another man in the face*

To be perfectly honest. When I’m on my period, this is more accurate to how I feel than the happy ladies twirling in pretty dresses and smiling at the camera. Like, when I’m on my period, I just want to kill a man! And all they throw at me is ‘HERE BE HAPPY!! BE A SMILEY BOO!’ and it just makes me want to kill another man?! Like, I’m literally bleeding out my vagina, here, WHY AM I HAPPY ABOUT THIS?! I mean, yes, it’s natural, but that don’t mean it feels good? That don’t mean it makes ME feel good?! WTF?!

More ads like this would certainly empower girls to reclaim their period.


wheres the lie

Things like porn and the media gives us an unrealistic expectation for our bodies and sex.

Not all parents are straight.

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